Jul 3, 2024
Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a treasure trove for photographers looking to find inspiration, learn new techniques, and admire breathtaking work from around the world. Here are some photography accounts you should follow to enrich your feed with stunning images and valuable insights.

@natgeo (National Geographic)

National Geographic’s Instagram account is a must-follow for anyone interested in exceptional photography. It features a diverse range of images from wildlife and landscapes to cultures and historical events, all captured by talented photographers. The storytelling and quality of images are unmatched, offering daily doses of awe-inspiring visuals.

@hannes_becker (Hannes Becker)

Hannes Becker is a renowned travel and adventure photographer known for his dramatic landscapes and breathtaking compositions. His feed is filled with moody, atmospheric shots that transport viewers to some of the most remote and beautiful places on Earth. His ability to capture the essence of nature in his photos is truly inspiring.

@humansofny (Humans of New York)

Humans of New York, created by Brandon Stanton, is not just about photography but also about powerful storytelling. The account features portraits of people from New York (and beyond) along with their personal stories. It’s a fascinating look at humanity through the lens of a talented photographer, blending portraiture with narrative.

@chrisburkard (Chris Burkard)

Chris Burkard is an acclaimed outdoor, adventure, and lifestyle photographer. His Instagram feed showcases stunning images of surf, landscapes, and extreme sports in some of the world’s most beautiful and rugged locations. His use of natural light and composition techniques makes his work stand out.

@stevemccurryofficial (Steve McCurry)

Steve McCurry is best known for his iconic “Afghan Girl” photo. His Instagram account features a collection of his work from over the years, showcasing powerful portraits and scenes from around the globe. His images often tell deep and moving stories, capturing the essence of the subjects and their environments.

@benjaminhardman (Benjamin Hardman)

Benjamin Hardman’s feed is a visual journey through the icy and volcanic landscapes of Iceland. His work focuses on the stark, cold beauty of the Arctic, often highlighting the contrasts and textures of these remote environments. His minimalist approach and attention to detail create striking and memorable images.

@alexstrohl (Alex Strohl)

Alex Strohl is a travel and adventure photographer whose work has been featured in major publications. His Instagram account is filled with stunning landscapes, often featuring mountains, lakes, and forests. His photos are characterized by their clarity and the sense of adventure they evoke.

@annstreetstudio (Jamie Beck)

Jamie Beck, the creator behind Ann Street Studio, offers a unique blend of photography and cinemagraphs (photos with moving elements). Her feed features elegant and timeless imagery, often focusing on fashion, still life, and travel. Her work is refined and beautifully crafted, providing a different perspective on photography.

@paulnicklen (Paul Nicklen)

Paul Nicklen is a marine biologist and photographer for National Geographic. His Instagram feed is dedicated to wildlife photography, particularly in polar regions. His images not only showcase the beauty of wildlife but also highlight important environmental issues. His passion for conservation is evident in every shot.

@sarahpannell (Sarah Pannell)

Sarah Pannell is a documentary and travel photographer whose work focuses on capturing cultural landscapes and the everyday life of the places she visits. Her feed features vibrant, colorful images that tell the story of diverse cultures and communities around the world. Her eye for detail and composition makes her work stand out.

Following these Instagram accounts will fill your feed with stunning visuals and provide a wealth of inspiration and knowledge. Whether you’re looking to improve your photography skills or simply appreciate beautiful images, these accounts offer something for everyone.

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