Jul 2, 2024
Best Online Resources for Learning Photography

Learning photography online has become increasingly accessible with a variety of resources tailored to different skill levels and interests. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an enthusiast aiming to refine your techniques, here are some of the best online resources to help you master photography:

Online Resources for Learning Photography

1. Photography Life

Photography Life is a comprehensive website offering tutorials, gear reviews, and photography tips. It covers everything from camera settings and composition to post-processing techniques. Their articles are well-written and cater to photographers of all levels.

2. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School (DPS) is a popular online resource with a vast collection of articles, tutorials, and courses. DPS covers a wide range of topics, including camera gear, techniques, lighting, and composition. They also offer eBooks and a community forum for discussions and feedback.

3. Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning offers courses on various photography topics, taught by industry experts. From beginner basics to advanced skills in portrait, landscape, and studio photography, LinkedIn Learning provides structured learning paths and certificates upon completion.

4. CreativeLive

CreativeLive offers live and on-demand classes across photography genres. They feature renowned photographers who teach practical skills and techniques through interactive workshops. Topics include lighting, composition, editing, and business aspects of photography.

5. Phlearn

Phlearn specializes in Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials, essential for photographers interested in post-processing techniques. They provide step-by-step guides on editing, retouching, and enhancing photos, catering to both beginners and advanced users.

6. YouTube Channels

YouTube hosts numerous photography channels offering tutorials and tips. Channels like “Tony & Chelsea Northrup,” “Mango Street,” and “Peter McKinnon” provide engaging content on camera techniques, editing workflows, and creative inspiration.

7. Reddit Photography

Reddit has a vibrant photography community with subreddits like r/photography and r/itookapicture. These forums are excellent for sharing photos, receiving feedback, and participating in discussions on gear, techniques, and industry news.

8. KelbyOne

KelbyOne offers online courses and tutorials covering photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom. With a focus on practical learning and creative development, KelbyOne provides resources for photographers to enhance their skills and creativity.

9. Skillshare

Skillshare hosts a variety of photography classes taught by professionals. Courses range from beginner basics to specialized topics like street photography, product photography, and mobile photography, catering to diverse interests.

10. National Geographic Photography Courses

National Geographic offers online courses taught by renowned photographers. These courses provide insights into storytelling through photography, capturing nature and wildlife, and mastering technical skills in various environments.


With these online resources, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities to improve your photography skills. Whether you’re starting as a beginner or looking to refine advanced techniques, these platforms offer diverse content and interactive learning experiences. Explore these resources to enhance your photography journey and unleash your creativity.

These online resources provide a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities to enhance your photography skills. Whether you’re interested in mastering camera settings, refining editing techniques, or exploring new genres, these platforms offer valuable insights and practical tips to support your photographic journey.

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