Jul 3, 2024
Best Online Courses for Advanced Photography Techniques

Finding online courses that cover advanced photography techniques can help photographers refine their skills and explore new creative possibilities. Here are some highly recommended online courses for advanced photography:

CreativeLive – Advanced Photography Techniques with Jim Garner

Jim Garner, a renowned wedding and portrait photographer, shares his expertise in this CreativeLive course. Topics include advanced lighting techniques, posing, composition, and post-processing. The course emphasizes creativity and developing a distinctive style.

Udemy – Advanced Photography Techniques

Udemy offers various advanced photography courses tailored to different genres and techniques. Look for courses with high ratings and reviews that cover topics such as advanced composition, lighting techniques, portrait photography, and creative editing.

KelbyOne – Advanced Photography Techniques

KelbyOne provides a range of courses on advanced photography techniques taught by industry professionals. Courses cover topics like advanced lighting setups, creative composition, using advanced camera settings, and post-processing techniques.

Lynda.com (LinkedIn Learning) – Advanced Photography Techniques

Lynda.com offers courses on advanced photography techniques suitable for different skill levels. Courses cover advanced lighting, HDR photography, long exposure techniques, and advanced editing using software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

MasterClass – Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography

Annie Leibovitz, a legendary portrait photographer, shares insights into her creative process and advanced techniques in this MasterClass. The course covers topics such as portrait composition, lighting techniques, and working with subjects.

Skillshare – Advanced Photography Techniques

Skillshare features a variety of advanced photography courses taught by professionals. Topics range from advanced camera techniques to specialized genres like fashion photography, landscape photography, and documentary photography.

Phlearn – Advanced Photography Tutorials

Phlearn offers advanced photography tutorials focusing on creative techniques and post-processing skills. Courses cover topics like advanced retouching, compositing, color grading, and using Photoshop for professional-level editing.

The Art of Photography – Advanced Techniques

This online platform offers courses and tutorials on advanced photography techniques, including mastering exposure, composition rules, using filters and lenses creatively, and exploring experimental photography.

    When choosing an online course, consider your specific interests and goals in photography. Look for courses that align with your preferred genre (e.g., portrait, landscape, fashion) and the techniques you want to master. Reading reviews and previews of course content can help you find the right fit for advancing your photography skills.

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