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“How can I express my gratitude for Donavan and the photos he took? I am very careful with who I let take my photo. I want to be seen for my essence, my soul. I think the photographer needs to bring his presence, intelligence and awareness into the shoot. I want a photographer that doesn’t just create a look or a brand with makeup or external elements. I want a photographer that just innately understands how to draw with his camera. With Donavan this just happens. He is so present and gets it. We met for the shoot at my friends retro apartment. I didn’t wear makeup. I had on a simple summer dress and a hat. We didn’t have to discuss anything, we collaborated on the unspoken, intuitive, creative level. No pressure is where the magic happens.

 I think that Donavan is one of the last of the great photographers. I truly believe this. I think it’s because Donavan understands art and how to create an iconic image that doesn’t feel forced or false. It’s just real, authentic, slightly awkward and charming.  He is also all these things himself, so he draws that out in his subjects. We made beautiful photos that come alive and stand out. I feel blessed to know Donavan.”

–Elisabeth Rosen, Actress, Vancouver & Los Angeles


Deneen In The Ivy

“I cannot recommend Donavan enough! I’ve worked with a variety of photographers throughout the years, and Donavan is one of the few that truly captured ME. Right before we started, I told him even though these are headshots for film and TV, there was something very in particular I was looking for. I’m not a lawyer or business type, I’m not anything really like that, and before I get any other photos done, I wanted my headshots to truly look and feel like me. Sometimes when I look at someone’s headshots, I don’t even recognize them even if they are a close friend. It has nothing to do with hair or makeup, either, it just doesn’t grab who they really are. Donavan then pointed to my print of John Waterhouse’s Lady of Shalott and said, “That’s you.” And you know what? He ended up capturing that perfectly! It’s exactly what I was looking for. We also didn’t spend hours upon hours wandering around shooting hundreds and hundreds of photos. Donavan took just a handful of high quality shots in each look and then sent them in a gallery when ready. I found this to be way less stressful than browsing through hundreds of photos on a CD! I look forward to shooting with Donavan again in the future.”

–Deneen Melody, Actress & Dancer, Los Angeles divider


“I was first introduced to Donavan and his work in the early days of Flickr, when I myself was a nascent photographer. He was among a handful of artists whose work I followed with nearly acolytic devotion, captivated by his perspective, at once reverent and irreverent, futuristic and nostalgic, elegiac and whimsical, stark and nuanced. And the light. Oh, the light. It was as if he had a mythical command of luminance itself. As I learned more about him, I came to understand and appreciate how his striking vision was informed by a fantastically textured life of unique experiences and insights that continually infused his work with ever richer complexity and depth.

The enticing possibility of working with him seemed too unlikely to entertain until I relocated from Ohio to California a few years ago. At that time, I was in the process of transitioning away from my photography career and getting back to my original theatrical roots and reviving the vocation I’d deferred when my children were first born. Not wanting to lose any of the momentum I’d begun generating again in a cross-country move, I knew I would need to work quickly on situating myself in a new market- not only putting myself out there physically, but also using all the digital-age/ social media/ internet resources the modern-day performer uses to establish their presence and promote their work. And I began thinking more seriously about finding an opportunity to work with Donavan.

Finally, the stars aligned to make that possible. Last fall, I travelled from the Bay Area to Los Angeles to work with the master himself and his magnificent stylist, Eve, on two very different publicity photo shoots (for two different projects of mine)- one a glamorous, studio session channeling Rosemary Clooney, the other a very cinematic environmental “Nouvelle Vague” shoot on location around Pasadena.

I’m not used to being on the other side of the lens, but Donavan’s very presence was so warm, charming, and assuring that my insecurities quickly melted away, and it soon became clear that working with him was far more experiential than a mere photo session. It’s like this dynamic conversation with a kindred spirit, suffused with an incredible creative energy that, for lack of a better word, opens you. It’s liberating, it’s inspiring, and exhilarating, and that encounter alone is worth the investment. Then there are the results.

As I said, I have my share of insecurities, and like many people, I tend to be especially critical of the way I appear in photos. Throughout my life, the times have been few, fleeting, and far between when I could sincerely say I felt beautiful. Seeing myself in the images Donavan captured blew me away. They were not only beautiful, but compelling. The range of expression and emotion he captured was overwhelming. I could not have wished- let alone asked- for more.

If I’m starting to sound like one of those people in an informercial who breaks down into a borderline histrionic testimonial about how a product or service changed their life, well, maybe that’s just theatre people for you. But I don’t think it’s possible to overhype The Full Freberg, and I stand by my effusive, heartfelt recommendation that anyone who can experience it for themselves absolutely should.”

–Kim Schroeder Long, Actress, San Francisco, California

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“I scheduled a portrait session with Donavan after hearing many great things about him while I was in Los Angeles to film the video “Far Out” by The Cherry Drops.  I was immediately pleased with how easy and convenient session scheduling was. Within a week of our amazing shoot, I had my beautifully edited images ready to send to casting directors and post on job sites.  Within a month, I booked a role in an American Heart Association industrial video with a casting company who had never hired me before.

The combination of his photography and my hard work led to an audition with the same casting director for a Bass Pro Shops commercial and if that wasn’t fantastic enough,  I found out today that I booked a role in a movie about John F. Kennedy. I feel confident knowing that he represents my image perfectly. Without doubt or hesitation I will hire Donavan Freberg again for my future photography needs.  I strongly urge others to do the same.

Thank you dear Donavan, for sharing your wonderful talents, guidance and expertise of the industry with me and exceeding my expectations.

–Rebecca Chulew, Actress, Austin, Texas


Ariel Headshot DFP2015Retina_Donavan Freberg Photography_Ariel Loop_Los Angeles Headshots“Donavan has been a part of our family since day one. We’ve been lucky enough to have him photograph our milestones from engagement, to wedding, to parenthood. He’s been a focal point in helping us create memories big and small, and at this point when I’m daydreaming about the future, I see it through his whimsical lens. I’m generally fairly uncomfortable in front of cameras, but he’s made me feel at ease from the very first headshot he took, which ended up being used as a publicity still for The Tournament Of Roses Parade. I can’t wait for him to capture our next big adventure!”

–Ariel Loop, Pasadena, California


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“Working with Donavan gave me some of the best photos that I have ever had of myself. Each one is completely unique and inspired. I felt so comfortable and at ease during our shoot…and I very much look forward to the next!”

–Alena Chinault, Actress, New York City


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Donavan is not just a photographer but an amazing healer. He coaxes out the most elusive soul beauty and photographs it with an artist’s mastery and healers grace.  I’ve been insecure about my appearance since I was a child.  As a teen I hated how I looked and felt like a freak.  It’s been a battle ever since to feel beautiful and loved and Donavan did that within seconds.  I am very grateful. He is a wonderful photographer for the shy child and insecure teen in all of us.  He will bring out the confident and beautiful.  And his work is just timeless.”

–Cherie Kalisher, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist & Massage Therapist, Los Angeles


“Donavan was absolutely amazing to work with! He made me feel very comfortable and confident in front of the camera. He didn’t tell me how to pose but he gave great direction to make sure that I looked my best. My current head shots have gotten me a lot of great auditions, and I thank Donavan for that! If you’re looking for a great headshot photographer, Donavan’s the one to call.”

–Morgan Lane, Actress, Los Angeles


“Donavan touches me deeply. As an actor, I know I am very “needy” in that I’m always looking for acceptance and praise. But, that being said, so few people “get” the real me. Donavan has not only seen my soul, he captured it through his lens. I had heard of Donavan through media outlets and such and was excited in seeing how he would shoot me. It’s been my experience that some photographers shoot “characters”, some look for the “artsy” shot, some shoot “glamour” and others just go straight for the “show business” shot. My day with Donavan was none of that. He wanted to know who I am and what I’m all about. And, I must say, I was overwhelmed when I saw the results. He didn’t take a single bad picture. And what’s more, he captured my “inner self”. It was quite a chore to pick which ones to use. Here is a man who, through his camera works magic!”

–Paul Respass, Actor, Los Angeles



“Donavan is an extremely affable, warm and unique photographer. The last time I had head shots taken was as a fifth grader, so it had been a while since I had interacted with a professional photographer. I was unsure of what to expect, but when Donavan showed up at my door, he made the process simple and stress-free. Donavan constantly made sure I was comfortable and excited about the shoot. Around him, I was not afraid to express my aspirations, artistic passions and crack a few jokes along the way. His unique method of using natural light made the process all the more special and grounded in reality. Shooting outdoors didn’t make me feel as if I was limited by space, or that my pictures would appear forcefully staged behind a backdrop. While I was worried about the haze overhead, Donavan’s optimism turned the gloomy day into an artistic opportunity. Shooting in the neighborhood I grew up in created an intimate setting. Donavan was always looking for new angles, was eager to hear my feedback, and was happy to listen to my suggestions. These photos make me feel as if I can share a piece of my world with the public. Donavan even encouraged my father to take a few pictures with me, but he was a bit camera shy! I am incredibly satisfied with the final product. Based upon my experience with Donavan, and by examining the photos, one can tell that he truly loves what he does. What he captured is an experience I would recommend to anyone seeking an innovative photo-taking adventure.”

–Claire Kotarski, Actress, Writer, Comedian, Los Angeles



“Working with Donavan is a delight. He has an eye like no other. He made me feel at ease and I had so much fun on my photo shoot. I got the best head shots I have ever had and my agent loved them. Donavan is funny and warm and makes you feel like a million bucks!”

–Amanda Tate, Actress & Comedian, Los Angeles



“The last few years I had a run of bad luck with photographers, mainly having to do with their level of professionalism. I don’t know what it was–I had viewed their portfolios, they had come recommended by friends…one of them was so ungodly he became the inspiration for a short story! I worked with a couple of people who were professional, but didn’t really ‘get’ me, or what I was asking for. It was that time again, and I just jumped in with Donavan. I had given up expecting something that would capture me and was just hoping for something I could use.

I felt at home with him immediately. He trusted my decisions and didn’t try to talk me out of my vision. His crew was supportive and cool, and everybody acted normal and chill. I never felt rushed. Donavan is an old-school photographer. No weird jamming my head and shoulders into contortions guaranteed to deliver a stiff face. He is a master at lighting. He is a master at gazing, taking it all in. These are some of the most representative head shots I’ve had in years. My manager loves them and I’m finally excited to submit. Thank-you Donavan!!!”

–Suzan Averitt, Actress, Los Angeles


“I would like to talk a little bit about my experience working with and knowing Donavan. I am one of the lucky ones to know such a man like him. Prior to meeting Donavan for the shoot, I was in such a panic and in a foul mood due to the fact that I was running around doing fifty things at once, battling awful LA traffic and just generally having a stressful day. As soon as I arrived at the beautiful (and I mean beautiful) and peaceful house where the shoot took place, I was greeted by the one and only Donavan to help me carry my bags in. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders once I saw him, he had nothing but good written all over him. He is so positive that I just can’t put it into words. We finally got to shooting once I was done with make-up & hair. Right away, he was on it, like a wolf eating his prey. OK, that’s going a little far but you know what I mean. His eyes are ready to shoot at any moment. He sees everything, things a normal human human wouldn’t take a second glance at, but he sees the world as shots. He carried such confidence throughout the whole shoot, so much lively energy that never left his side. I tell you all this not just because I know Donavan personally, but because he is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. I enjoyed every moment of our session. I must also add (and don’t think I have some huge ego or something) that shiiiit I look great! Hah! Thank you Donavan, for an incredible shoot, my friend.”


Augie Duke, Actress & Model, Los Angeles

PS- More! And many more to come!


“Donavan is not only an incredibly talented photographer but a warm-hearted, intelligent and lovely person. He knows how to put his subjects at ease with his bright, uplifting energy, and always manages to capture a slice of their soul with his lens. He creates a completely different mood for each of his shoots, making even the most standard headshots utterly unique and head turning. I had been needing headshots for a while but resisted taking the plunge since I hadn’t yet found a photographer whose work I loved and didn’t want to spend money on something that I wasn’t completely happy with (I think most actors can relate to that feeling)! Upon seeing a few photos from the playful, ethereal 70’s-themed shoot Donavan did with my good friend Augie Duke, I knew he was the photographer I wanted to work with. I had a lot of fun during our shoot; I immediately felt comfortable and natural in front of the camera, time went by quickly as we talked and laughed, and I even came away from the shoot full of historical tidbits… Donavan is quite an Old Hollywood history buff! I was born and raised in Los Angeles and always appreciate a person who can show me a new side of the city. I was thrilled with the finished product– the photos Donavan took are magical, capturing the “me” that I want to show the world. He is also an absolute genius with natural lighting! I highly recommend him to all actors, models, writers, musicians and other creative spirits needing a headshot or portfolio boost. Thank you Donavan… I can’t wait to work with you again!”

–Annabel Graham, Actress and Writer, New York


“I am over the moon about the pictures Donavan Freberg shot for my new show, “Swing This”. He instantly got what I was trying to accomplish and because of his talent as a photographer and the fact that he is a one of a kind guy, he exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t have thrown a more complicated assignment his way…a 60s’ Mad Men, Rat Pack vibe, seven people in most of the shots, a car, musical instruments, no set decision on location, and yet the pictures came out as if we had been planning every detail for weeks.  Donavan came prepared, with two very capable and lovely assistants. He was calm and flexible when we had set backs and changes of plans. We all had a lot of fun and it shows in the pictures which was the most important element I needed  him to capture… well that, and making me look fabulous.”

— Debby Boone, Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist


“Not only is Donavan determined to get a great image (which he does), he’s also intent on capturing what’s unique about his subject (which he also does). No small complement when a knock out head shot can make the difference between working and not working.  I have nothing but praise for Donavan. The shoot was not only relaxed and fun but the resulting images were stunning. So stunning, in fact, that numerous friends and fellow actors who saw them suddenly decided it was time for new head shots and asked for his contact info.”

–David Slaughter, Actor, Los Angeles


“Shooting with Donavan Freberg is like a day of fun and frivolity with your dearest childhood friend – expect that you end up with a phenomenal set of photographs, every bit as much stunning as they were fun to take. Without compromising professionalism, Donavan is so inviting and comfortable to work with that even the most awkward model (me) is rendered photogenic. All future photo shoots of mine will be conducted with Donavan whenever possible; I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

–Victoria Kieburtz, Director and Documentary Filmmaker, Los Angeles



“I’m beyond grateful that I went to Donavan when needing head shots for my college auditions last year. He made the shoot so comfortable and easy, which resulted in pictures that really represented me and my personality, beyond the surface. Not only did I get the photos I needed and loved, but I also had a wonderful day getting to know Donavan and his lovely make-up artist and assistant, Anjanette. Thank you, Donavan for the great day and the fabulous head shots!”

–Mary McGowan, Freshman Acting major at Syracuse University


“Donavan was wonderful to work with– he put me at ease, even in the middle of a busy day at Union Station! He has a wonderful eye and is able to capture and accentuate the beauty he finds in the world around him. He had lots of great ideas about where to shoot and how to create the retro look we were working towards, but was also open to suggestions. A truly gifted artist and a fantastic person, I look forward to working with him in the future.”

–Elizabeth Hurst, Model, Los Angeles


“Donavan totally nailed it. The acting management company that reps me was thrilled with the headshots, as was I. And I also got a great portrait shot for the bio section of a poetry book that’s coming out soon. Donavan delivered big-time for me….money well-spent!!”

–Jed Rowen, Actor & Writer, Los Angeles



“Before working with Donavan I was convinced I could not take a good picture. My favorite thing to say after a shoot used to be, ‘They are OK but none of them REALLY look like me’. Donavan captured my essence and spirit.  He creates a relaxed, fun, and playful environment allowing you to be you.”

–Tessa Ferrer, Actress, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer_Phillip Doorway_Donavan Freberg Photography

“Mr. Freberg is chill and professional. He creates an environment in which you feel comfortable settling into yourself and snaps away. He finds environments that fit the character/look you’re going for that don’t pull focus away from the important thing in the image – you. My manager, my agent and I are extremely happy with the results. I would never hesitate to recommend working with Mr. Freberg. I would never hesitate working with him again myself.”

–Phillip Kelly, Actor and Screenwriter, Los Angeles


“Donavan Freberg is not only a photographer, he’s a writer, voice actor, puppeteer; a storyteller. When I asked Donavan if he would take my (animation) director’s head shots, I ended up with so much more than I expected. He not only took photos that captured my personality, he wove a sincere narrative of me and my creation, Pubertina. Our shooting locations ranged from an old school diner to a supermarket where I pushed a shopping cart full of lady products. Donavan takes creative risks and the outcome is always marvelous. Many people can take head shots. Donavan takes “soul snaps.”

–Emily Brundige, Animation Director, Voice Over Artist and Creator of “Pubertina”.


Marisa Viola_Donavan Freberg Photography
“Shooting my head shots with Donavan was my best experience with a photographer yet. His energy is uncommonly compassionate and playful, and just being in his presence is instantly relaxing. He made me feel beautiful and unique and excited about being an actor. I felt that we were creative collaborators and we tapped into some great inspired energy! The session was fun and exhilarating and the shots have gotten nothing but great responses. Thank you Donavan!”

–Marisa Viola, Actress, Filmmaker & Theater Director, New York City


“Shooting with Donavan was a blast. First and foremost, it’s completely casual. I happen to have the good fortune of being his friend, but even if you’re entering into a shoot with him with no prior experience, I can’t imagine it would be anything less than supremely laid back, relaxed, pretenseless and all about capturing you in your most natural element. We walked around the neighborhood at the dawn of the golden hour, played around when we found a fun spot where the light was perfect, and the tone remained conversational and playful throughout. Added bonus: I’m also a photographer and  just in modeling for him that day, I ended up picking up a whole bunch of  techniques on using natural light that I have since integrated, and my own portraiture has gone to the next level. Plus: Lot’s of girls complimented me on my shots. Donavan will make you look sexy.”

–Morgan Spencer Klein, Actor, Model & Photographer, San Francisco



“Donavan is the just what you want a photographer to be: charming, kind, fun, focused and utterly professional. My shoot was a challenging one for me to take on, but he put me immediately at ease with his gentle smile, humor and infectious enthusiasm. I truly could not be happier with the photos he took. They are honest, artistic and wonderfully unique, beautifully capturing the spirit and essence of the moment and myself. I have and will continue to recommend Donavan to everyone as his is a talent and gift that one is lucky to engage.”

-Renee Herman, Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles


“As a writer, I didn’t want a typical actor’s headshot–I was looking for something a bit more interesting and unusual. I have absolutely no experience with getting headshots taken and was preparing myself for an awkward hour or two in which I’d likely get one or two usable images. How wrong I was! My session with Donavan was one of the most fun and creative experiences I’ve had in a long time. He completely got what I was looking for and brought so much more to the table than I ever thought possible! With every suggestion, he made me feel more and more comfortable in front of the camera. When he sent me a selection of images to choose from, I was amazed that there were at least 6 or 7 images that I loved. I can’t recommend Donavan highly enough!”

–Emily Brochin, Writer, Los Angeles


 “As a professional actor for the past 30 years, I have had my share of head shots taken. My last sitting was guided by that inimitable photographer, Donavan Freberg. What made Donavan’s session so fantastic was his graceful insistence on having fun. He put me at ease while searching for the right moment, which is a most difficult task for an actor during that unnatural act of posing. But he did!  And my photos truly reflect that comfort. Thanks Donavan, you’re the best!”

–Phil Abrams, Actor, Los Angeles



“I had the pleasure of working with Donavan on a fashion project involving moving and still photography with professional models. Although the project was a success as a whole, Donavan’s photography truly stood out from the rest. He has a talent for capturing stunning moments in images which cannot be seen with the naked eye. We were all very fortunate to have been able to collaborate with Donavan and I look forward to a long working relationship with him in the future.”

–Jason Carpenter, Producer & President of Tigerhouse Films, Los Angeles


Donavan is king of the cameras, ruler of the zoom, doctor of lenses galore, mad scientist of freakalicious exposure and master einsteinian professor of making-you-look-gorgeous. A photo shoot with Donavan is like cashing in on your golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory, dancing with the muppets and getting whisked away to NeverNeverLand all at once. Don’t get me wrong though, there is nothing juvenile or make believe about Donavan’s professional works-of-art. Not only is he a master craftsman with a refined and delicate aesthetic, but he has a profound understanding of light. Even on those days that your first inclination is to pull a sheet over your head and climb into a cave of boo-hooing introversion, Donavan will snap shots that turn your self-perceived flaws into lively marks of character and beauty. Anyone looking for magnificent, tasteful and unique portraits should head Donavan’s way–which reminds me, I better give him another call soon. Cheese!”

–Rebecca Kanengiser, Actress & Writer, Los Angeles


Miki Headshot_DFP-2105

“I asked Donavan to capture an elusive side of me that almost no one sees: The innocent angelic side. I figured that it would help me appear more approachable while I was whoring myself out to literary agencies and I chose the right person to do it. Not only did he capture exactly what I wanted to portray, but he also quickly and successfully changed gears when I suggested something more sultry, just in case. As soon as I had proposed the mood change, I found myself half-naked and completely vulnerable. Fortunately, Donavan has this amazing gift for eye contact and there wasn’t one moment in which I felt uncomfortable. In fact, his friendly and open disposition actually helped me feel more confident in my own skin. I don’t even feel that comfortable while I’m alone and in the nude!” It turns out, the City of Angels isn’t so angelic, but Donavan’s photographs certainly were. I look forward to shooting with him again, for the cover of my book.”

–Miki Swarthout, Writer, Los Angeles


“The amazing thing about my headshot is that Donavan took it impromptu when we were out to dinner. I didn’t prepare. I was completely exhausted. I didn’t look even close to my best, and yet, somehow, he still took the best picture I’ve ever had. Working with Donavan is very easy, and a very special experience. He always brings out your best.”

–David Lampert, Actor & Writer, Los Angeles


“That Donavan is an extraordinary photographer is easily discovered by reviewing the magnificent images he captures. However, it’s how he works with his subjects that sets him apart. Because he’s so very comforting, so at ease, so joyful, playful and humorous and easy to work with, that he gets the very best from his subjects- capturing their very essence in their most natural and beautiful. I recommend him frequently and those referrals are never disappointed.”

Adam Sadowsky, Actor, Advertising Creative and President of Syyn Labs, Los Angeles


 “My photo session with Donavan Freberg was amazing. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease. He worked tirelessly, offering so many ideas and a great positive energy. A true artist, Donavan has the incredible ability to find the honesty and beauty in every moment thus creating magic in every shot.”

–Kiki Ebsen, Singer/Songwriter & Keyboardist


“Donavan Freberg? Yeah, I know him and more than that I am honored to have had the privilege to work with such a brilliant artist and what a great pleasure it was. I researched several L.A. based photographers, and could simply not find a match, until I sought out the help of a wonderful artist named Sara-Ross Samko. She led me to Donavan (thank you Sara), I read his amazing “about me” section on his website and instantly knew he was the one. When we met and spoke I was elated by his personality, experience, life views but most importantly his boyish looks. Connected? Not a sufficient word to describe how I felt in-front of the camera with Donavan clicking away, and for me that is the most important thing. We shared ideas with my vision in mind and he never lost sight of it. I appreciated that more than I can say. I noticed while shooting that he was slowly bringing the best out of me as the shoot progressed, and his energy was amazing. He clearly loves photography, and he loves his life because he gets do to what he was born to do…what else can you ask for. Donavan, you are the BEST!”

–Sebastian Montoya, Actor, Los Angeles


What industry professionals are saying…


“As a talent manager in Hollywood, it is my sacred duty to steer people clear of scams and time-wasters. I have and will continue to recommend Donavan to anyone in search of professional head shots that POP.”

–Pete Detroit, ICONOBLAST Talent Management, Los Angeles


“If all of our actors would have taken their head shots with you, we wouldn’t have to pick and paw with ‘so-so’ shots. You really know how to capture your subject’s personality. Every time I go back to your website, I see more and more images that I fall in love with!”

–Ruthie Crossley: Bohemia Group Talent Management, Los Angeles


“As a TV producer and casting director, I have to sort through dozens of head shots every day. I can always tell when I come across a photo taken by Donavan Freberg. His photographs have a certain ‘look’ to them. They don’t look like your average everyday headshot which is a good thing. He knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. Donavan’s photos are exquisite and genuine. What he brings to the table, through years of experience, is an unerring ability to recognize the way light loves a face. He takes time during the shoot to connect with you so he can really capture your strengths and bring something new to the photos. He also understands the business and tries many different ways and many different looks that can be used to get you into that audtition room. He is professional and extremely bright. I would definitely recommend Donavan Freberg to anyone looking for new pictures. He really knows what he’s doing.”

–Alison Martino, Producer & Casting Director, Los Angeles


“When I’m casting, I sort through a ton of photos, to get the few I want. Sometimes, one shot, one face, catches my eye, and the whole…thing…stops. I hold my breath. There’s the shot, the face that stops everything. Usually, Donavan Freberg has taken that shot. Donavan has a rare gift, an ability to stop time, just at the moment when the face he’s capturing is good as it can be. The light is good, the setting is perfect, because Donavan chose all that earlier. This instant, the face is feeling something good. It is happy and alive and joyful in this moment, and Donavan captures its beauty, its humanity, its love. I don’t know anybody who does any better photos, his headshots are in a class by themselves, and nobody makes pretty girls look as good as he does. I know lots of photographers, but Donavan Freberg is the one I recommend to people.”

–Sam Longoria, Producer-Director-Actor, Hollywood, CA


“Donavan’s super power is photographing Los Angeles through a golden sunlit looking glass. His world is all soft light, subtle gestures, intimate moments and unadulterated bliss. His portraits are effortless. His images are timeless. His subjects gleam. I am constantly in awe of his talent and love losing myself in his vision.”

–Catherine Wygal, Los Angeles Event Photographer


“I have had the privilege of getting to know Donavan and his work over the last number of years and I am always find delight at the level of refinement in his photography. Donavan is able to connect with the people he shoots in a way that their personality is projected into his camera and the images that are the final result. He does not rely on gimmicky, overdone processing. What he sees and what he senses in his subjects are the means in which the essence of their personalities come to fruition in his final art.”

–Son Dao, Art Director & Photographer, San Francisco, CA

divider“I think Donavan’s photography can speak for itself, in that when you look at his work, it’s pure and genuine. I’ve known and worked with quite a few photographers over the years, sure their work is ‘very good,’ however, none of them ever made me want to leap INTO the photograph itself and wish very much to be a part of whatever was going on in the scenario. Somehow, when I look at his photography, it’s as though he’s managed to encapsulate a myriad of lights and shadows, dancing in the background which in turn frames whatever he is shooting. It all just seems to magically fold forward into the focal point and frame the subject like a gift. His work is playful, warm and brimming with life. In viewing Donavan’s portraits, one senses that he doesn’t just love what he is doing, he loves his subjects and that love leaps from the photograph to the viewers eye like a shooting star.”

–Heidi Clinton, Web Developer & Art Director, Hampshire, England


“Donavan shoots fantastic photos. His portraits are second to none. He knows how to find the best natural lighting in any circumstance. They’re all very natural, without relying on the gimmicks that a lot of amateurs use to feign artistic vision. Donavan knows how to make his subjects look natural and they show authentic emotion.”

–David Robert Wright, Photographer, Saint Louis


“Donavan is the bee’s knees.”

–Angela Martini, Photographer & Illustrator, New York



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