How do I book a session with you?

As soon as you know you want to work with me, call me. I want to speak with you directly. Deciding to have your portrait taken is an intimate, brave and vulnerable decision. I want you to know, in your heart, you’ve chosen the right person for the job. Me. Let’s connect, discuss options, and see what develops. I can’t wait to hear your voice, meet you, and create the best photograph you’ve ever seen of yourself. Doing that for every one of my clients is my mission, my passion, and my full time profession.

What are your fees?

My portrait session fee is a non refundable retainer of $300. This is a fixed cost that assures you a space on my busy calendar, and I am often booked months in advance. From there, my fees will depend on what kind of photographs you need and want. Once we determine the kind of shoot that you’re looking for, I will create a package for you that exactly fits the bill, literally and figuratively. Please call me to discuss the details of your sitting. Headshot sessions range from $450-$850, and commissioned legacy portraiture may be several times that. This is my full time career, and I’ve been doing it for over two decades, so I charge accordingly. My rates are similar to the better portrait photographers in Los Angeles, New York, etc.

My wedding pricing is structured in an entirely different manner. For wedding clients, please contact me directly to discuss my fees for your big day, and you will also be put in touch with my studio manager for contracts and bookings.

When do I get to see my photos?

If we are shooting headshots or personal branding photos, I will put the best ones into a proofing gallery about a week after our session.

For legacy portraits, it is a full service, first class experience. About two weeks after our session, you will invited to an in-person reveal of your photos, which will be printed on archival quality paper and ready for framing. You may then choose your favorite package for purchase.

Do you offer Digital files?

Yes. All purchased images come with prints and digital files.

How many “looks” do you provide?

This depends entirely on the type of session we are doing. Please contact me so I can hear your exact needs and provide you with the exact amount of looks you want.

Can I see ALL of the photos that you took at my session? 

No. Part of the service I provide is my artistic discretion. Showing too many photos is overwhelming for anyone and I reserve the right to show what I feel reflects everyone, including myself as an artist, in their best light. Images not shown are not as strong emotionally or compositionally, or may have small exposure issues, blinking or repetition…you get the idea. What you see is a final cut of the best work, with many fun “outtakes” included. But you will not see anything that I don’t deem to be up to my standards of detail and professionalism.

Should my headshots be horizontal or vertical?

For legacy portraits, I always shoot both. For headshots, it’s slightly different. A casting director or agent looking at photos online will usually be using a computer with a large display or a laptop, sometimes an iPad. Very rarely, a phone. They want to see the photos BIG. Computer and laptop screens, unlike phones, are not vertical. The top headshot photographers in Los Angeles and NYC all shoot both horizontal and vertical and some of the edgiest photographers are now shooting only horizontals, because it emulates a movie and television screen. I believe, like my peers, that horizontal head shots may actually have an advantage over vertical. Because, while it is true that agents and casting directors will be looking at thumbnails (where a horizontal may show less of a face), once the shot is actually opened (which we want), the horizontal shot may pop even more than a vertical on a large screen. But for variety, I always shoot plenty of both and I frame in camera accordingly. 

Do you photograph kids, pets, families, etc…?


Does my session have a time limit? Do you charge more if we go longer? 

Unlike some photographers that set a time limit or do a shot count, I like to keep things relaxed and open ended.  The ideal shoot is us having a great time with no pressure and no appointments to rush to. We hang out, laugh and I capture you authentically. However, in my experience, the “average” headshot or family session takes about 2-3 hours.

If we are doing a commissioned legacy portrait shoot, you will be pampered with make-up, hair and styling, so this will be a slightly longer, and infinitely more spa-like experience. When you hire me for a full portrait shoot, I am the only thing you should have on your calendar for that day, because you deserve to spend a day like a rock star, where me and my team devote ourselves fully to making you look and feel like royalty. After your day, I recommend planning something for your night. You will be looking gorgeous, so this will be a great opportunity to meet up with friends or loved ones, to celebrate.

For weddings and engagement sessions, I operate and manage my time in a slightly different manner, so please get in touch to discuss how I work. It is very specific, and also specific to the size of event you are planning. I want to know more, to see if we are a good fit. I specialize in smaller, more intimate weddings, and I like to have a strong working relationship with my brides and grooms long before the “big day”. Let’s meet and get to know each other, my wedding clients are like family. In fact, ALL my clients are like family. This is my life. My clients are my bread and butter, literally and figuratively, and bread and butter is my favorite treat.

Do you have a studio?

Yes. I have a studio set up in my home, with several larger studio spaces at my disposal, so if this is something you desire, you will want to contact me directly to discuss this. I am very lucky to have learned studio photography from a master. I spent half a decade assisting Harry Langdon, one of the most famous celebrity portrait photographers in the world, at his Beverly Hills studio. I also have years of experience with using natural light to its fullest, resulting in portraits that pop with sunlight and color. Whether you will require the golden glow of natural light or the amazing and polished style of high fashion studio light, will depend on the kind of session/s you book. I love doing both.

Do you provide hair and make-up? Styling?

Absolutely. For an additional fee, I have several professional make-up artists in my rolodex who I trust implicitly. Please let me know when we book if you want hair and make-up and we will discuss their services. My make-up artists, and hair people, like me, have years of real world experience and have worked in the industry professionally with some of the top celebrities and models in LA. These make-up artists also understand make-up for portrait photography, which may be very different than the usual make-up you wear. Which is why I suggest a make-up artist for nearly all my clients, both men and women. If you are in a film, on stage, or on television, you will be wearing make-up. This is no different, and just as specialized and specific. I also frequently work with a professional wardrobe stylist. I have a fully coordinated team, who I have worked with for years. Contact me for further details, so we can decide together which of my staff members I need to assemble to ensure your needs are met.

I can’t help but notice, many of your head shots have a different look to them than most run of the mill head shots I see around town. In addition to classic “headshots”, I see that some of your work has an “editorial” or “magazine” look. It’s as if some of your images are about the photo itself, rather than just concentrating on the person in them. Why is that?

Believe it or not, the headshot is more than just about the person in the photo. It’s about the entire shot. Casting directors are more likely to stop on a cool shot and then notice the actor. The shot itself will catch their eye first. That is why when you shoot with a photographer that always uses the same set up, light and backgrounds, the headshots feel tired even though the actor might be great. I am setting up a scene, finding and shaping the light, then putting you in it. Then I will direct you. We are making a film. With one frame. I believe this is why many of my clients have booked so many gigs from my head-shots. I know what the people who will be booking you are looking for because I have been on that side of the camera. My goal is to get you in the door with a killer photo. The right photo, specific to your needs. The rest is up to you. Also, my work has been published in the The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Seventeen, Fast Company, The LA Times and Los Angeles Magazine, and in several books. My work looks like it came out of a magazine because it did.

donavan freberg photography - a boring photo

I have more questions!!!!

Of course you do! And you should! And I have more answers. Call me. Meet me. I want to answer those questions, set your mind at ease and show up for you, from the moment you and I first speak, till forever. Once my client, always my client. Ask me anything. In this world of social media and overly connected disconnection, my desire is to truly and deeply connect with you. On the phone and then in person, face to face. Let’s talk! Let’s meet! Let’s work!