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Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 2.21.34 PMI’m very proud to announce that my work was published in another magazine, this time, in “Where” Los Angeles magazine, in their March 2016 issue, “L.A. By Design”. My work is on page 17 of the paper edition, in an article called “Iconic LA”, by Barbara Thornburg. You may also see the article online, here.

I am very proud to say I got a half a page and my shot of LA’s iconic Stahl House is shown opposite the most famous architectural photo of all time, “Case Study House #22” by legendary lensman Julius Shulman. The house was originally built in 1959 by world famous architect Pierre Koenig and still sits atop the Hollywood Hills, watching over LA like the historical landmark that it is.

You may remember, my photos of The Stahl House were also published in Los Angeles Magazine, in an article beautifully penned by my dear friend Alison Martino, you may see that work by clicking here and here.

stahlhouse_donavanfrebergphotographyStahl House_Case Study #22_Los Angeles Magazine_Donavan Freberg_Alison Martino_Stahl_Julius Schulman_Pierre Koenig_LA MagThank you, “Where LA” magazine, SoCalPulse, Barbara Thornburg and Carol Wakano! And thank you, Stahl House! My favorite place in LA to visit. You can visit too! Click here!






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