Taylor Ann Marzullo, Los Angeles Glamour Photography


This is Taylor Ann Marzullo. These are glamour shots. The word “glamour” means attractive or exciting. But it’s origin comes from the Scottish word roots of “enchantment” and “magic”. Glamour began it’s ascent in the 1930’s and 1940’s, at the height of Hollywood’s elegance. George Hurrell, a former painter turned shooter, helped usher in this new movement in photography, lensing some of the most famous people in history, from Bette Davis to Errol Flynn, Jean Harlow to Rita Hayworth. On Hurrell’s coattails, a ton of shooters rose to fame. Diana Vreeland took the helm at Harper’s and then Vogue and vetted and launched legends like Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton.

Traditional glamour took a dip in the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s, when we saw a more natural influence in photography, moving away from the studio. The 80’s brought it back. 80’s glamour was incredible, but it had a heightened element of reality, with a plastic edge, like a still from a music video. It began to lose some of its soft, painterly elements. Annie Leibovitz began to use a softer light on subjects, and her work with Vanity Fair began to direct glamour back into the classic, legacy portrait look.

But most people still associate that style of photography as the stuff of magazines, reserved for celebrities, the famous and the few. Why? I think, because most people can’t see the fact that they, as much as anybody else, deserve to be captured like a rock star.

I think that EVERYONE deserves to have a portrait of themselves that goes way beyond a simple headshot. Everyone should have a photograph of themselves that they can frame. That they can pass down to future generations. So that is what I’m doing. I’m taking everyday people and giving them the best photos they’ve ever had of themselves. If you would like me to create a photo of you like this, contact me for more information.



With her permission, I have included a simple “before” photograph of Taylor, to show you the transformation she made. Taylor, you are beautiful. Thank you for being yourself, from beginning to end. And thank you, Eve McLendon, for being a BRILLIANT stylist!








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