Grae Drake Is A Magical Unicorn

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adventure copybootofdrake copygraeskeyring copyGrae Drake is my favorite movie reviewer. There, I said it. If Roger Ebert were still alive, he’d get the nod, and my dear family friend Leonard Maltin (see also: Grae’s frequent partner in popcorn) gets a very close second. But Grae takes top shelf. You may or may not be aware, that I am a cinefile. I LOVE all things movies. Every stitch of my photography is influenced by the great filmmakers and cinematographers of our time, and of times long gone by. So when I got a call from Grae Drake, CNN movie reviewer extraordinaire and senior editor for Rotten Tomatoes, I was THRILLED. Though we had admired each others work from afar, on TV and online, we had never met in person, and when Grae arrived wearing “Back To The Future” gold tone Nike’s, I knew she was kindred. When she opened her arms, flashed her million watt smile and said, “I’m a hugger, bring it in”…well, I knew we were going to be life-long friends. I snapped a few quickie shots of her at the coffee shop and we’ve since booked more serious shoots together, and plan many more collaborations in the near future. Oh, dear Grae, thank you for being AWESOME. Thank you for your brilliant words of wisdom, your support as a fellow artist and thank you for your friendship. Most of all, thank you for turning into a real life unicorn, right before my eyes, like magic. I believe! Grae, you are CERTIFIED FRESH, my darling!








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