Snapchat-Los Angeles Corporate Headshot Photography

Evan Spiegel_Snapchat_Donavan Freberg PhotographyI am often asked to shoot corporate head shots and I always find it a fun and thrilling thing to do. I worked in the corporate world myself, as a creative at Chiat\Day, so I know the game. When I got a call from Rylee Ebsen, the Creative Director of original content at Snapchat, I was honored and determined to get the job done right. I have made many trips to Snapchat since, shooting the entire team as it grows. Snapchat is an awesome company, with awesome people, an awesome product and a brilliant brand that is growing faster than wildfire, and I am honored and humbled to be their official freelance stills photographer. Thank you, Rylee Ebsen and team Snapchat for entrusting me with your images and your time.

Are you a Fortune 500 company that needs photos? I’m Donavan Freberg and I am your man.

Just a startup? I’d love to leap in and help you grow.

Snapchat, you make my job easy, because everyone that works there is as beautiful as they are brilliant.















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