Rebecca Chulew-Beverly Hills/Austin Headshot Photography

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What fun to get a sudden call from a LONG time Facebook friend. In fact (shhhh…..) I’ve known Rebecca since MySpace!

Our conversation went kinda like this…

REBECCA: Hey, Donavan! This is Rebecca Chulew! I’m in town from Austin for a music video shoot for The Cherry Drops. Can we book some head shots into my trip?

ME: Sure! When do you leave?

REBECCA: In 14 hours.

Now, normally I book my clients WEEKS or even MONTHS in advance, but this particular afternoon I was free. So I packed my camera bag and headed to one of my favorite shooting locations, The Beverly Hills Hotel and 10 minutes later, we were getting Rebecca shots that have had her booking like mad since she hit the ground back in Austin. But Rebecca is no rookie. She, like me, has been acting since she was a child. She began her acting career at THREE years old! She was the on-camera star of her mom and dad’s TV commercials for their famous chain of furniture stores, “Decorators Gallery”. She did at least 50 commercials with her parents, “Bargain Bernie” and “Margo”. These commercials, much like my own, rose to cult status and Rebecca (like yours truly) was featured on the Onion’s AV Club.  So suffice it to say, that from the moment we met, Rebecca and I knew we were kindred spirits. Rebecca is also a photographer and writer, a staff journalist for the Austin Examiner, where she interviews musicians, actors & filmmakers. She is currently starring in several nationwide TV commercials, and as if that weren’t enough, Rebecca also has one of the largest vintage Barbie doll collections in the world, which landed her a part on “My Strange Obsession” as well as an interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC!!!

Rebecca, you are a darling of a person, inside and out. As quirky as you are brilliant, it is a joy to know you, an honor to be your friend and shooting you was a total blast from the first frame to the last. It was last minute, it was fresh and it was kismet! I am overjoyed that your agent loved the photos and even MORE excited that my photos are getting you WORK!!! This is my goal for ALL my clients. To BOOK, BOOK, BOOK!!!

Go Rebecca, go!!!!

Rebecca Chulew_Donavan Freberg PhotographyRebecca Chulew_Los Angeles Headshot Photographer_Donavan Freberg_Freberg
RebeccaChulew_Los Angeles Headshot Photohgraphy_Donavan FrebergRebeccaPSLR






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