Rafael Ferrer-Los Angeles/NYC Headshots

Rafi Ferrer_Donavan Freberg Photography_Los Angeles Headshot Photography_NYC Headshot Photography_LA HeadshotsRafael Ferrer is family. His mother, Rosemary Clooney, was like a godmother to me. My memory banks are filled with the sweet sound of her laughter, her silken voice and the smell of strawberries that we would pick together right off the vine, in the lovely garden of her Beverly Hills home. Rafael, or “Rafi” as I have known him since I was a tiny tot, like his mama, is a true gem. One of the most famous voice over artists in Hollywood and New York, Rafi’s one of a kind pipes have lent themselves to shows ranging from “Archer” to MTV’s Music Video Awards, to the acclaimed video game series, “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”. In addition to those and countless other voice roles, he has also done much on-camera work, from “Law & Order” to “Cagney & Lacey”. Rafi’s brother, acclaimed actor Miguel Ferrer, was my acting coach when I was walking the boards at the age of 14. The son of Rosie Clooney and José Ferrer, Uncle to my longtime client and friend Tessa Ferrer and cousin to George Clooney, show business runs deep in Rafael’s blood, just like does is in mine.

I was absolutely over the moon when Rafi told me he was in LA for an acting gig and needed new head shots. He told me he had just a few hours, but needed three photos, one for commercial work, one for theatrical, and one that spanned the gamut between the two. So that’s what we did. We hung out, had some laughs and I watched a true professional go from intense and steely, to light-hearted and comical, in 10 seconds flat. I love working with actors of Rafi’s caliber, because they hit every mark, quickly, quietly and precisely. And I am lucky enough to be able to catch them doing it. Thank you, dear Rafi, for trusting me with your images, and with your career. A few weeks after the shoot, Rafi called me from his home in New York to tell me  that his agent was delighted with the shots. That? Is priceless and it is exactly my goal, with every client, every session, and every frame, whether we go back a lifetime or we have just met.

If you are an actor in need of head shots, be they commercial, theatrical, or anywhere in between, I’m your man. Let’s hit our marks, shall we?

Rafi Ferrer_Donavan Freberg Photography_Los Angeles Headshot Photography_NYC Headshot Photography_Theatrical Headshots Los Angeles.jpg
Rafi Ferrer_Donavan Freberg Photography_Los Angeles Headshot Photography_NYC Headshot Photography






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