Kiki Ebsen, Scarecrow Sessions, Album Cover Shoot


I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to shoot an album cover and liner notes for Kiki Ebsen once again. She recently released a new album, “The Scarecrow Sessions” and like all her work, it is absolutely delightful. The entire album is a glorious homage to her late, great father, Buddy Ebsen. From her beautifully simple and honest rendition of “If I Only Had A Brain” to her gorgeous version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, the whole album is just marvelous. As many know, Buddy was unofficially promised the role the Scarecrow. This was not to be and he was later cast as the Tin Woodsman. His costume was composed of real metal stove pipe putting certain body parts in jeopardy especially during the complex dance numbers. It was the make up that would be his eventual downfall. His exposed face and hands were covered in grease paint and dusted with powdered aluminum for a “real metallic” look. It was, of course, highly toxic and it coated this inside of his lungs like a coat of paint making it impossible for oxygen to get to his blood. He spent several days under an oxygen tank and was eventually recast in the movie. This story replaces the PR tale that he was allergic to the make-up.
 I encourage you to buy the album if you are a fan of the film, a fan of Buddy’s or most importantly, a fan of Kiki’s.

Be sure to give the album a listen and a download on iTunes here and check out the electronic press kit, giving a really lovely behind the scenes look at the making of the album here.

She never fails to do justice to whatever she puts her voice to. Enjoy the photos, they were a pleasure to shoot.




Thank you Kiki!

My favorite part of the shoot was your thank you note…

Kiki Thank You Note-2


Shout out to Anjanette Caron for her stellar make-up skills and Nancee Waterhouse for her hair magic.
Album art design by Stacy Madden.







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