Alena Chinault-New York Headshot Photography


alenabenchwebsizePSWhile I am normally a Los Angeles Headshot photographer, I sometimes travel to to the east coast to see dear friends and when I am there, I always try to book a photo shoot or two. I <3 NY and I am very proud to say that this is my first full blown fashion/headshot shoot that I have done outside of the sweet light of California. I was a little nervous that the weather wouldn’t hold up, as this was a June shoot and we all know that New York in June can have four seasons in one day. And that day, it did. As I headed to Queens, where this shoot took place, the town car driver (I always travel in style in the big apple, especially when shooting super models) said it might rain. And it did. The whole way to the shoot. But by the time I stepped out of my ride, the sun was shining like a summer day in Beverly Hills. And I met my client for the first time and what a client she was. Her name is Alena Chinault and I can promise you that this won’t be the last time you hear her name. The moment I put my 5D to my eye, I knew I was staring at a star. Some people just exude it from their pours. A quiet talent, a bright flame, all wrapped in a green velvet dress, standing in snakeskin heels. And this is that moment I am thankful to do what I do. I witness the blooming of a bud, the shining of a sun, the making of a legend. Alena, I want to thank you for an INCREDIBLE shoot. I’d also like to thank my NYC friend, client and “assistant” for the day, the brilliant and versatile Marisa Viola. A fun day, so enjoy the shoot as we went from park to apartment to current day to Marilyn Monroe to Madonna. Alena, you have wings. Thanks for letting me lens your flight of fancy. Keep at it, you’re going nowhere but up.


Springlight Alena Websize


Alena In The Park Web Size


Alena Green Bokeh Websize



Alena Blue ShadowWebsize



IMG_8032WebsizeAlena Tunnel Websize




Alena Blue Websize

Alena Gold Websize



Alena Kitchen websize


facePS2 small

Alena Red Bathroom Two Web SizeAlena Red Bathroom One Websize

alenabrownmirrorbw websize

mirror1BW websize




Tiny Alena Websize

Alena Monocle Printsize copy 2



tunnel mirror BWwebsize









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