Cherie Kalisher, Business Headshots, Los Angeles

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Cherie Kalisher is a dear friend and an amazing woman. She’s a healer, which is a word that is frequently bandied about within the New Age circles of Los Angeles like a rubber ball in a dog park. Most of the time, these “healers” are nothing more than charlatans. I hold degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy and have been involved in the healing arts as both doctor and patient since the 90’s, so suffice it to say that I’ve met and worked with hundreds of healers. Many have been good, some great, some truly gifted. Cherie is among the truly gifted. A licensed acupuncturist, Cherie also does Craniosacral Work, nutritional counseling, detoxification protocols, aromatherapy, massage and a mix of magical esoteric modalities, including the ability to work with deeply engrained emotional and spiritual issues that manifest as stress and anxiety, physical pain and chronic health problems. I have had many sessions with Cherie and always come away feeling lighter, happier, refreshed, less stressed and more in touch with my best self. I was overjoyed when Cherie asked me to shoot some head shots for her for her website, souls path healing. She wanted a few different looks, photos that had some range, showing both her light and earthy sunny side, as well as her witchy woman moon side. We had a lot of fun and I even broke out my studio lights, which is always a fun experiment and departure from my usual signature natural light work. Thank you, Cherie, for allowing me to capture you and thank you for all the great healing work you’ve done with me, I look forward to many more creative collaborations together!

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If you are  a business professional who needs a good headshot, be it for your website, brochure, cards, please give me a call. I offer special rates for non-actors needing a photo of themselves for promotional use. The session is quick and easy and you’ll walk away with images you can use to represent your true self, looking your best and brightest.

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