Mary McGowan-Headshots-Los Angeles

A few weeks ago, my good friend and photo client Phil Abrams referred me to his friends daughter, Mary McGowan. Mary needed professional headshots for her college applications and acting portfolio. Mary is a senior in high school here in Los Angeles and a talented dancer and actress. She was an absolute delight to shoot, full of energy and joy. I love shooting younger people because they are fearless and fun and Mary was no exception. Her combination of poise and playful confidence mixed with a zany sense of comedic timing really made for an epic shoot. Her sweet mom tagged along and we walked around UCLA, finding the golden late summer light that I always strive to shoot in. Thanks, Mary for an awesome shoot and thanks also to Anjanette Caron for being my make-up artist and assistant. And thanks, Phil for the great referral! Fun times!

MacGowan hall? Shouldn’t that read McGowan? PhotoShop, can you help?

That’s more like it!!!






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