Augie Duke-1970’s Fashion Shoot-Los Angeles Headshot Photography

I’ve known Augie Duke since she was a tiny wee sprout and her mother, Fredde Duke, has known me since before I was named. Our families have loved each other for generations, her mother and my sister palled around in the 70’s, so it is perfectly apropros that Augie and I would rock out a 70’s style photoshoot. That’s why I was over the moon when Augie texted me and told me that she wanted to shoot with me. I was even more excited to find out that not only would she be outfitted with her mothers fabulous vintage threads, including original but that make-up artist extraordinaire Elle Fry would be providing the face art. I had been wanting to shoot Augie for some time now, but this was the perfect storm of opportunity. Shooting Augie was an absolute thrill ride from beginning to end, she has an endless supply of expressions and moods and is a veteran actress and model who brings her “A” game to every frame. I felt like a catcher catching fast balls. Every second was a new possibility. A new dream. What a joy to shoot such a talent! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, her mama Fredde was a darling of the 70’s and her offspring apple Augie inherited the shine in her own darling DNA. And shine she did…thanks Augie Duke for being Ahhh-MAZING! Best. Shoot. Ever. I just adore you!!!






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