Annabel Graham-Headshots-Beverly Hills

Shortly after my recent 1970’s style fashion shoot of Augie Duke, I was contacted by Augie’s best friend Annabel Everest Graham. Annabel was about to head back to school at NYU and aksed if I could shoot her headshots. I jumped at the chance. Like me, Annabel is a renaissance person. In addition to being an actor, she is also a freelance writer and gifted photographer. Annabel is a regular contributor to one of my favorite avant-garde art & photography magazines, Autre Quarterly. She is one of those lucky ducks who brings a face to match the brains, as you can see from the photos. Her stare could knock over a brick wall and her smile could melt an igloo. She just radiates light, literally. My advice to all of Annabel’s future photographers and cinematographers: If you shoot Annabel, you’re going to want to use a neutral density filter to lower the light intensity as to not overexpose every frame, because she glows. We shot at the golden hour in the final days of summer, at beautiful Franklin Canyon lake in Coldwater Canyon, with a few frames taking place near the “Electric Fountain” in Beverly Hills. Thanks for a great shoot, Annabel and thanks to Anjanette Caron for being my assistant and make-up artist. Enjoy the pics!!!






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