Elizabeth Hurst-1940’s Styled Shoot-Los Angeles Fashion Photography

My friend Sally Park recently asked me if I would shoot her friend Elizabeth Hurst. I said yes. When I found out from Elizabeth that she wanted a 1940’s shoot, I said, YES!!! Needless to say, I was over the moon. My favorite time period, to be sure! I came to find out even more exciting news, which was that Liz had an entire box full of vintage hats and outfits that her grandmother had left to her. The real deal. A box of memories. Entrusted to us. This would require bringing out the big guns. The DeLorean. I was a little worried because I hadn’t driven it in a while, but you know what? That old silver marvel fired right up! I guess it knew we had to get to Union Station. We had a train to catch. A time train. Thanks, Liz for being such a peach. I’d also like to thank Sally Park for providing such brilliant production design and Anjanette Caron for bringing her genius make-up skills. Going back in time and shooting a gorgeous gal is why I love what I do and when I have friends to do it with like you guys, I’m one lucky duck indeed. I’ve never been more proud to be a vintage futurist…






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